Micro Plants
Micro Plants

Micro Plants

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GardenOfBricksBlossoms That Last a Lifetime!

  • 🌻Nature's Delight CollectionCrafted from premium ABS plastic, our Micro Plants masterpiece embodies durability and grace. Fashioning a vibrant bouquet of blossoms that stand the test of time. PLEASE NOTE: Since the particles are small, not compatible with Lego. please keep them properly.
  • 🌻【Interesting Assembling】Micro Plants is made of 409 pieces of building blocks, which is a good way to practice hand-eye coordination during assembling process.
  • 🌻【Unique Decoration】Artificial Micro Plants can be placed in all corners of the room as an ornament. Flowers can bloom all the year round as if they are bathing your room all the time in spring.
  • 🌻【Romantic Atmosphere】Colorful artificial Plants create a romantic atmosphere all the time. They are suitable for table, bedroom, living room, kitchen, or office space. having a relaxing entertainment time.
  • 🌻Gift of Endless Emotion】Plants symbolize perpetual feeling between people. Realistic design makes it play vital role in proposed time, wedding party, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
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